Goldfinger & Live Oak - Grodziskie

Joel haaaaaated that one time he had a grodziskie from Live Oak. I feel like he probably didn’t know what he was getting into, or he just doesn’t like smoked beers. And that’s okay! I don’t really like smoked beers either. But, there was no fucking way I was gonna let that get in the way of me trying a collaboration from two of America’s undisputed lager kings: Goldfinger and Live Oak. I got to know the style before I got into it, and I feel like I was able to appreciate it more. A great lager taste with some light smoke that’s very acceptable if you try to understand it, and a low ABV of 3.2% that allows for all day smashies. No way I’m drinking smoky beers all day, but this here beer was good as hell. 💨 – Ryan
Brewery: Goldfinger & Live Oak
From: Downers Grove, IL & Austin, TX 🇺🇸
Beer: Grodziskie
ABV: 3.2%

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