Heavy Seas - 25th Anniversary Strong Ale

Heavy Seas - 25th Anniversary Strong Ale

A poem photo essay.
By Joel Frieders.

I sawl I gots a box on my porch when I got home from work.
I had had quite the day, and my feet’s, damn, they hurt.

Thankful the box wasn’t socks, because I can’t drink socks.
At least not since the incident, which involved seven left-handed game cocks.

Fast forward to thine box being splayed open like a splayed open cardboard package gets splayed.
Holy fuckmas, Bartman. It was an early Christmas gift from Heavy Seas Beer, yo! Someone’s getting laid!

Today they celebrate 25 years of amazing beers, and I for one commend them.
Balls-ass money-ass beers, its true. It’s like religious laws and there’s like no real way to amend them.

Always insanely dope artwork.
Always whimsical whimsy.
I’m sure you agree with me, this beerection is the furthest thing from flimsy.


Brewery: Heavy Seas
From: Baltimore, MD 🇺🇸
Beer: 25th Anniversary Strong Ale
ABV: 15.5%

Heavy Seas - 25th Anniversary Strong Ale

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