Hop Butcher & Is/Was - What Does Time Taste Like? Pilsner

Just because I didn’t understand this beer doesn’t mean you need to judge me for not having the understanding to understand it like you might have. I’m getting really sick of all the bullying in social media. Just because we aren’t good looking enough to post our faces with our beers doesn’t mean we aren’t worthy of love. I mean, I’m not trying to distract from the topic of the pictures, but you don’t need to shame us as much as you have been. Oh btw, we aren’t really paying much attention, so I am making all that up. I just really wanted to play a victim for a second before I reiterated the fact that I love Hop Butcher and I’m not wearing any underwear. – @joelfrieders
Brewery: @hopbutcher x @iswasbrewing
From: Darien, IL & Chicago, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: What Does Time Taste Like? Pilsner
ABV: 4.25%
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