Hop Butcher - Riprap APA

Do me a favor. Understand that I drank this beer three months ago and shut the fuck up about it being “old.” You know what’s old? Me, motherfucker. I’m sorry my life is a series of little victories and crushing disappointments. I don’t need your one-dimensional ass telling me my beer is old. EAT IT, CHAD. But yes, this beer is fucking flame balls balling flame on flaming piles of balls that were generated by piles of flames from previous balls that flames long ago. Anytime you see something from the Butcher. Buy it. And drink it. And then brag about how you’ve “gotta guy at the bottle shop,” and then just drink it and relish in the fact that you have a guy when others don’t. LOVE THIS BEER THO, CHAD. – Joel
Brewery: Hop Butcher
From: Darien, IL
Beer: Riprap APA
ABV: 5.75%

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