Hospital Update - 23 November 2021

FREEDOM! 🙌 After nearly two months all kinds of screwed up and in the hospital 😵 fresh air and street clothes have found me. ☀️ I’ve got a long PT/OT/recovery journey ahead of me, but it’s damn wonderful to be out of the hospital box and back in society with y’all dirtbag beauties. 🤗 While I can’t drink yet due to the drugs 💊 I’m cheersing every single one of you, and you better damn cheers me back. 🍻 If you can swing it, please consider buying me a “beer” at our GoFundMe – the bills are well above $440,000 now. Yay! 💰 Hit the link in our profile, or just share it with your friends. 💌 Every single action helps! Love y’all and all the kindness you’ve always shown, especially over the last two months. 🙆🏻 I really really do. Thank you so much to such a wonderful community of beer drankers. 🥴 I hope to be throwing you a real cheers sooner than later. ❤️ – Ryan

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