Liquid Love - Bitchfront Madness Fruited Sour Ale

A pineapple and coconut fruited sour? 🍍 🥥 Not usually for me, but Liquid Love won me over with a taster and my dumb ass spend $24 on a crowler instead of just buying a four-pack. 🤦 Anyway, the listing says 5.6% and the can says 8%, so I don’t know what the truth is. 🤷 I’m going former because it didn’t taste boozy and I didn’t get titty lit. 🔥 Almost zero head on this pour, no matter what I did, and that’s fine because the taste is hella hella. 😋 Nobody would share it with me, so it is I, the great loving beer masochist, who bangerated myself with the entire crowler. You’re welcome. 🤘 – Ryan
Brewery: Liquid Love
From: Buffalo Grove, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Bitchfront Madness Fruited Sour Ale
ABV: 5.6%

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