Maplewood & Goldfinger - Coaster King Kölsch

During a big Maplewood sesh, my buddy Nick insisted that I make space for a review of this. Why? Because it’s a collab between the Chicago love bugs at Maplewood and the Chicago lager kings at Goldfinger. Makes sense. Makes sense. It’s an incredibly inviting kölsch, and not just because it was brewed by my Tinder matches. Plenty of flavor and all kinds of chuggable, especially since both the can and I were sweating like a mofo in this humidity. No flavor nuances for me considering I was in the midst of a Maplewood porn fest. But, I will say that you must buy this and you must enjoy it to its fullest of fullskis. – Ryan
Brewery: Maplewood & Goldfinger
From: Chicago, IL & Downers Grove, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Coaster King Kölsch
ABV: 4.5%

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