Mason Ale Works - The Duke Triple IPA

If there’s one thing Nellie’s does damn good, it’s their beer list. 💯 Being able to get a Mason Ale Works triple dipple in Chicagoland is absolutely naked-riffic. 😝 Ang went for it immediately, because she’s a masochist who knows what’s important in life. 11% of San Diego goodness right down ye olde gullet, and she’s not even reconsidering her starter beer decision because she goes hard as hell before she complains about it later and then never stops doing it. 💪 But, how you gonna turn down this clearsie? You’re not. Point, Ang. 😉 Wish we could date Mason, imagine all the bennies. Yeesh. 😵 – Ryan at Nellie’s in Palatine, Illinois
Brewery: Mason Ale Works
From: San Diego, CA 🇺🇸
Beer: The Duke Triple IPA
ABV: 11%

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