Mikerphone - Slim Hazy APA & Oswego - Hay'z For Horsez IPA

Trying to feel normal. By having a beer at my bottle shoppe. But it still feels weird. Thankfully, Mikerphone and Oswego Brewing make amazyhazies and I can feel better knowing my dollars are supporting fiercely independent breweries filled with amazing people. This Slim Hazy made me wanna run naked through a hallway filled with oiled up fun noodles. The Horse guy made my wife want to cook popcorn on the stove. So we did bolth. – Joel
Beer 1: Mikerphone / Elk Grove Village, IL / Slim Hazy APA / 6%
Beer 2: Oswego / Oswego, IL / Hay’z For Horsez IPA / 6.6%

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