Mile Wide - Donut Or Doughnut? Imperial Stout

I’m putting this out here right now: I don’t like smoked beers. Take from that what you wish as I dive into Donut Or Doughnut? Speaking of that, what do you usually go with? I’m a donut guy because less letters, easier to spell. So then, this beer was brewed in collaboration with local favorites, Hi-Five Doughnuts, and includes 500 fucking donut holes, applewood smoked malt, and Vermont maple syrup. It’s a thicky boi but is “only” 10%, so it surely hits the sweet spot for being imperial and massively drinkable.

When Ang and I first got into it, the smoke was almost overwhelming. For someone that prefers to smoke their smoke (or eat their smoke), this was pretty brutal. But hey, it’s a smoked beer and it’s supposed to be. Plus, I bought it because all of Mile Wide’s stouts are tasty, and my buddy Kristen loves smoked beers. Outside of the chronic smoke billowing out of this fucker, the other flavors were downright lip-licking.

Fortunately for all of us, the smoke died down as it warmed up, and it got crazy balanced for the last half of the gulp session. This is where my appreciation kicked in hardcore, and where my face finally settled down and enjoyed this for what it is. Lishy Lisherson. – Ryan
Brewery: Mile Wide
From: Louisville, KY 🇺🇸
Beer: Donut Or Doughnut? Imperial Stout
ABV: 10%

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