Mile Wide - Eagle Eyed Tiger IPA & NOMAH! IPA

Celebrating one more from a thousand visits to Mike Wide when we were in Louisville. My god. I love these people more than they will ever know. Perf beers, perf space, perf pizza and wings, perf balls on the wall lovingnessosity. ❤️

Ang has that Eagle Eyed Tiger West Coast IPA, which she probably drank 62 kegs of while we were in Lou. I’m rocking that NOMAH! haze boi DDH’d with Citra and Mosaic. Two immaculate beers for two assholes at a place that makes us wanna settle down and not travel all the damn time. Almost. 🚗 💨 I lust y’all. 😘 – Ryan
Brewery: Mile Wide
From: Louisville, KY 🇺🇸
Beer 1: Eagle Eyed Tiger IPA / 7% ABV
Beer 2: NOMAH! IPA / 6.5%

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