Milk Money - Things We Don't Say IPA

I waited to have this Milk Money bangbishy until I could give it my full attention. Seriously. I poured it into my Milk Money glassware and stared at it in silence and waited to drink it until I could fit the entire can’s contents into it. Three huffs later and I came up for air to text brewer, Erik Pizer, “I just put your TeeDubs inside of me and I’m moist AF and I love you,” and then he just sent back a picture of his chest hair.

Milk Mo Mo been droppin’ heaters since they opened, but this wetty wet is on a HO’ diff level when you consider how much care went into making sure it tastes like those dreams where you remember how hard you smiled during the dream. Like, my face hurt from smiling so much while drinking this fucking beer that I almost wondered if my hype made it better than it actually was. But then I remembered. IT WAS FUCKING SEX IN A CAN AND YOU CAN’T CALL SEX MEH BECAUSE SEX IS SEX. BUT THIS SEX IS IN A CAN. Love y’all at MM. And super loves to EPize, the sexy bishy. – Joel

Brewery: Milk Money
From: La Grange, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Things We Don’t Say IPA
ABV: 6%

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