New Glarus - Dancing Man Wheat

I’m not a wheat beer guy. I’m just not. Will I drink one? Of course I will – I’m not a savage. And with that, I stole this from Ben’s fridge and crushed it with ease. I swear, he has like 8,000 New Glarus beers in his four fridges. Yes, he has four fridges. No, I’m not telling you where he lives. 🙊Right. This Dancing Man is 100% bottle fermented, with Wisconsin ingredients to keep things wisconinish. I didn’t get a lot of clove, and basically no banana, but whatever was swirling around in this shit had me dancing as well. I’m unqualified. You should know this. I liked it. I liked it better than I like most of their beers. Yay. – Ryan
Brewery: New Glarus
From: New Glarus, WI 🇺🇸
Beer: Dancing Man Wheat
ABV: 7.2%

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