New Glarus - Moon Man Pale Ale

I would say this is a quintessential pale ale. It’s a Wisconsin classic, and I think it’s my favorite New Glarus, unless I’m forgetting something fancy I had at the brewery. I’ll always order one of these hoppy and malty 5% clear bois, because I’ve made the mistake one too many times of ordering some random-ass golf shirt owned local brewery’s beer at a rural hotel bar somewhere in the Badger State, only to be disappointed as fuck in someone’s inability to brew a decent amber or whatever the easiest shit is to brew. But, who am I kidding. I’m still gonna order that beer because I wanna try something new. And then, I’ll order a Moon Man to make up for it. Oh, the Off. It was on the table and it photobombed the Moon Man. Whaddyagonnado. – Ryan
Brewery: New Glarus
From: New Glarus, WI 🇺🇸
Beer: Moon Man Pale Ale
ABV: 5%

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