Noon Whistle - Rubix IPA

I might be super serious about dinner prep (it’s cauliflower rice with tomatoes and jalapeños and onions and corn and black beans and it’s money balls as balls are money). 🌶 But I’m also super serious about my Noon Whistle westies, bruv. I’d not only take my shirt off for this beer, I’d put it back on if that made you uncomfortable. 😉 That’s just the kind of dad bod I am, yaheardma. Fffff. 💁🏻‍♂️ Look at how sexy these vegetables are when paired with a high and tight Rubix bishy. 🍻 And then let me model what I look like after moving lab equipment and furniture all day. And sweeping where heavy crap was for a few months might be my favorite crap, too. I found a purple bouncy ball and a coupon for Marlboros! Score. – Joel


Brewery: Noon Whistle

From: Naperville, IL 🇺🇸

Beer: Rubix IPA

ABV: 7.2%



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