Pabst - Seabird Session IPA

I did it. I used my compass to differentiate my ass from a hole in the ground and I’ve come to some conclusions. The Seabird IPA is more than drinkable. It tastes like an airport beer. I like airport beers. So what’s an airport beer? A beer that tastes good, but also reminds you that you aren’t at work and you’re drinking in an airport so life is already better than it could be. Thanks to the folks at Pabst for sending me this and my gift box, I’ve been wearing my compass holster with sanitizer for DAYS now. – @joelfrieders
Brewery: @captainpabst1864 @pabstbrewery
From: Milwaukee, WI 🇺🇸
Beer: Seabird Session IPA
ABV: 4.5%

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