Paulaner - Grapefruit Radler

Mail f’d the can. Smh. The ultimate beer to drink when you don’t wanna get shmammered during the pregame. 😵‍💫 2.5% of grapefruit fun times, I do appreciate this style nowadays, even though I used to scoff at it. 👀 Ang made fun of me recently for ordering a 2.5% beer, but I’m the one laughing when she’s had 3 DIPAs and the sun hasn’t even gone down yet, and we still got a party to party at. PACE. 🏃‍♂️ Also, I lost my original review of this. So, as summer winds down, lemme tell you that it doesn’t have to be 107° outside to enjoy a radler. But it’s better when it is. 😎 Zum Wohl! – Ryan
Brewery: Paulaner
From: Munich, Germany 🇩🇪
Beer: Grapefruit Radler
ABV: 2.5%

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