Pipeworks - Original Lager Beer

Pipeworks might be my favorite brewery owned by my favorite people. But that doesn’t mean they get a free pass and I suck off just anything they release. I’m harder on them than I am most other breweries, but only because I want my bias confirmed. THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST PIPEWORKS BEER I HAVE EVER HAD. AND I HAVE HAD, LIKE, CLOSE TO ALL OF THEM. Except for a few months there, back a few years ago during the incident. Bready bready yumballs and I’m not just saying that. I am yelling that. Wait. BREADY BREADY YUMBALLS. THERE. I YELLED IT. Fucking love this shit harder than hard. – Joel
Brewery: Pipeworks
From: Chicago, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Original Lager Beer
ABV: 5%

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