Pulpit Rock - B.T.O. Bock

I’m always here for a bock. Don’t really think it’s as appreciated in the U.S. as it should be, but it’s also not something people fawn over, so it’s often just not as readily available. To that, I say PISH POSH! I love ‘em, from helles bocks to eisbocks. Dunno why, maybe it’s that malty sweet sex party rolling around my tongue and making me feel all sensual an’ whatnots. This Pulpit Rock bockernator is no exception, containing that aforementioned malty sweet mouth love and not being too strong or dark, so I was absolutely able to enjoy it in the summer heat with not a care in the world. Except for all the cares in the world that are fucking with us right now. At least I was able to drink the pain away for a brief moment in time. Smoochies. – Ryan
Brewery: Pulpit Rock
From: Decorah, IA 🇺🇸
Beer: B.T.O. Bock
ABV: 6.43%

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