Pulpit Rock - Double Up Buttercup Double IPA

Pulpit Rock is one of my favorite breweries in the world, especially if I’m in Decorah in the summer – something I highly recommend to all y’all. 😎😎😎😎😎 What’s also nice is that our friend, Jen, brings massive amounts of PR goodies whenever we see her…so big thanks for the handoff, lady! 🤗 This here Double Up Buttercup is hazy beerfection, with Strata, Citra, and Centennial Lupomax all up in the swirly swirl and into my face hole at record speeds. 👅 Their hazy game – and their entire game – is always at the highest percentile of greatness, and I swoon full time when the Rock makes its way into my bodily orbit. 💦 – Ryan
Brewery: Pulpit Rock
From: Decorah, IA 🇺🇸
Beer: Double Up Buttercup Double IPA
ABV: 7.7%

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