Riverlands & Liquid Love - Power Surge Double IPA

I saw someone complain that this is boozy. It’s 9%, WTF did you think was gonna happen? I’m here for it, especially when it’s a collab between Riverlands and Liquid Love, power surging their glorious likkids right into my body parts and right out of my pores the next morning. Triple dry-hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Sabro, this bitch is coming in hard and thicc and ready to party. I did get a bit of hop burn on the back, which is annoying AF but also a reminder to remind you all to maybe let it sit for a bit in your friggy before you crack one. I basically had it straight from the spout. Shit tastes good as hell, there’s no doubt about it, but it needs to chill the fuck out for a moment before it enters your holes. – Ryan
Brewery: Riverlands & Liquid Love
From: St. Charles, IL & Buffalo Grove, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Power Surge Double IPA
ABV: 9%

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