Riverlands - Prouder Fox Double IPA

Riverlands sounds like a cheesy ‘90s soap opera, like Swan’s Crossing or Dawson’s Creek. But, these beer bros up there are making Emmy award-winning beers with no-name actors. OR ARE THEY? Did you know that 72% of the Riverlands staff has a degree in either a foreign language or biochemical engineering or communications or sow breeding or women’s studies? And, did you know that I’ve been drinking? Either way, this liquid is perfect and I’m enjoying starting rumors about the brewery that have nothing to do with anything. Also, did you hear that the owner of Riverlands has the biggest Toe Jam & Earl pog collection in the Midwest? – @joelfrieders
Brewery: @riverlandsbrewingcompany
From: St. Charles, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Prouder Fox DIPA
ABV: 8%
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