Salama - Gose Goes To Mars Gose

Guys. Gals. Children. Cats. Dogs. Hedgehogs. Here I present to you the first ever gose that I actually enjoyed! Damn, this shit is fire, y’all. Salama says it’s “extremely salty,” which is not at all the case. At least in this can. The saltiness is just right! Not too salty, not absent of said mineral. Just. Right. And it’s nice and floral without being pungent. Basically, it’s perfect for smashing repeatedly. Even Ang liked it! And she hates sours more than hate hates…things. Bewm. – @jetsliketaxis
Brewery: @salamabrewing
From: Espoo 🇫🇮
Beer: Gose Goes To Mars Gose
ABV: 5%
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