Skeleton Key - Things We Don't Say IPA

This beer was brewed by our friends at Skeleton Key. AND THEY JUST GOT HIT BY A FUCKING TORNADO A SHORT WHILE BACK. This beer was purchased by my friend Josh Craine (from Crafted 1979) the day after the storm, during a surprise beer sale at Miskatonic, who opened their doors to allow SKB and their crew to sell off their remaining beer that didn’t get launched into the fucking sky during the tornado.

This beer tastes even more incredible than ever because I know who brewed it and why. And while the Slayton / SKB fam won’t have to trod through the post-tornado trauma on their own, BECAUSE CHICAGO CRAFT BEER COMMUNITY, I think it’s still incredibly demonstrative of their character and huge-ass hearts, to have this beer be something they’re selling immediately following one of the most insanely traumatic experiences anyone could go through just makes fucking sense somehow.

Sending serious love to all of the Skeleton Key crew. And one more thing. THIS BEER IS FUCKING MONEY BALLS. – Joel

Brewery: Skeleton Key
From: Woodridge, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Things We Don’t Say IPA
ABV: 6%

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