Smooj - Strawberry Banana Hard Seltzer Smoothie

And, here it is. My first SMOOOOOOOOJ. The blame lies entirely with the Malt Couture trio of fucklets, and most specifically the swag that drips from Michael’s Smooj tramp stamp. I went all in on this after they wouldn’t shut up about their undying love of this shit. So, here I am with a real goddamn smoothie, which also has alcohol and some carbonation. It literally tastes like some shit I would drink before a workout. Which would be problematic in this case.

The strawberry and banana are on point AF, although neither I nor my cohorts here liked the carbonation being a part of its bodily effervescence. Take away the carb and I would most certainly let many more of these plow right through all of my pieces and parts. I await the gloriousness of the piña colada version, because you know I be loving that tiki tiki bang bang all up in my grass skirt. – Ryan
Brewery: Smooj
From: Ann Arbor, MI 🇺🇸
Beer: Strawberry Banana Hard Seltzer Smoothie
ABV: 5.5%

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