Solemn Oath Brewery - Naperville, Illinois

Solemn Oath steady dropping bangKers. Bang bang bang. 💥 The new low-ABV wheat lime guava sex beer, Midwest Dawn, on the right, and the Pipeworks collab, Unicorns Don’t Believe In You Either, on the left. 🤝 I will gladly put these SOB liquids inside of me once these SOB liqs are already inside of me. 🫰 Love me some SOB licks. – Joel
Beer 1: Solemn Oath / Naperville, IL 🇺🇸 / Midwest Dawn Wheat Beer / 4.2%
Beer 2: Solemn Oath & Pipeworks / Naperville, IL & Chicago, IL 🇺🇸 / Unicorns Don’t Believe In You Either Double IPA / 7.05%

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