Solemn Oath - Old Faithorn Pale Ale

These two driveway beers are perfect representations of how suburban Chicago breweries are constantly flirting with me using my own tongue. Solemn Oath’s Old Faithorn and Werk Force’s Blues Of Mexicali are independently and perfectly flirtatious, for different reasons, but both use the same flirt hole to convey the wetty wet as being a sextual menagerie within the confines of my wethole. I want these two breweries to collab on a light boi that has one goal and one goal only, and that is to crispily deliver the importance of driveway light boiz and how keeping up with wetty wetterson is the ultimate in foreplay demonstrations. – Joel

Beer 1: Solem Oath / Naperville, IL 🇺🇸 / Old Faithorn Pale Ale / 5.5%
Beer 2: Werk Force / Plainfield, IL 🇺🇸 / Blues Of Mexicali Lager / 5.3%

Werk Force - Blues Of Mexicali Lager

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