Stone - 25th Anniversary Triple IPA

I think Stone would be super-appreciative that I drank the last of my 25th anniversary pack from this shitty paper cup at my hotel in El Paso. 🎊 You’re welcome. It’s an absolute whopper of a triple IPA, which I feel like is a reward for me surviving two months in the hospital and coming back to life to fuck with all of you on a daily basis. Blesssss. 🙏 I’m not 25 anymore, but Stone is, and I do appreciate all of their beer antics over the years while also getting me drunk more than once and definitely more than a few dozen times. 😵 Also, this triple is smooth AF, which is a dangerous proposition that I’m totally here for. Happy Anniversary, butt heads. 🎉 – Ryan
Brewery: Stone
From: Escondido, CA 🇺🇸
Beer: 25th Anniversary Triple IPA
ABV: 12.5%

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