Sudwerk - Fun House Hawaiian Punch Sour

I avoided drinking this because I love Sudwerk and I hate sours. Finally pulled the Hawaiian Punch trigger and put it in my mouth hole. The first thing I noticed is that the carb dissipates faster than I get naked off of triple IPAs. That’s fast as fuuuuck, in case any of y’all aren’t aware. The sour is Berliner Weisse levels of inoffensive, and it’s not too sweet even though it’s flavored like a children’s cavity giver. It’s obviously not for me, but I definitely think you sour lovers will appreciate it, especially in warm weather…which is frankly better than any other kind of weather. ☀️ – Ryan
Brewery: Sudwerk
From: Davis, CA 🇺🇸
Beer: Fun House Hawaiian Punch Sour
ABV: 6%

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