Sudwerk - Willy Mammoth Imperial Coffee Stout

I think this is the first stout I’ve ever had from Sudwerk. And it’s a coffee stout. ☕️ And its 9%. 😃 Stop, I can only get so wet. 💦 Also, I haven’t had a coffee stout in too damn long, given that the hospital frowns upon Ang bringing me beers. 😡 My god, this shit is delectable. Not too thick and not too mouth-coating, the 9% is just the right place for it to be in order to give me plenty of alcohol and stoutiness without taking away from the absolute burst of coffee all over my mouth and body parts. 😋 Rolls down the chest nicely without leaving too sticky of a trail. Mmmhmmm. All of me approves. And now I’m hyped to act like this evening is late morning. Who’s ready for some coffee-boosted antics involving a lowrider bicycle, six packs of Sixlets, a feather boa, and a parking lot of a title loan place that used to be a Checkers or a Taco Bell? 🚲 – Ryan
Brewery: Sudwerk
From: Davis, CA 🇺🇸
Beer: Willy Mammoth Imperial Coffee Stout
ABV: 9%

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