Temperance - Might Meets Right Imperial Stout

Merry porch bombs, everyone! 📦 (Pay no mind to the Malört.) 🙈 Temperance Beer Co. just blessed this mess with a four-pack of Might Meets Right imperial stouts in varying variantal flavs. 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣ Aaaand, because I’m incredibly weird when it comes to BBA stouts, these shall be shared with my step-brother-in-law, Mike, at Thanksgiving ONE AFTER THE OTHER. 🦃 Here’s my game-plan: Start with the Few Rye guy in Blue around 11am. 1️⃣ Move on to the Coconut Coffee lad in Bright Green at approximately 12:47pm. 2️⃣ Fully open-mouth huff that La Sorpresa Mexican hot chocolate bebe in Dark Green just after 2:11pm. 3️⃣ Then let the evening simmer down after an early turkey dinner and let the Few Bourbon boober in red warm up in front of the television after crushing them dishes and getting the leftovers ready for leftovering around 4:20pm, right after I return from the front porch and return red-eyed. 4️⃣ I cannot thank Temperance enough for the gift of yum, but also for working with FEW Spirits on something we can all get behind, and under. Thanksgiving can’t come thoon enough. ⬆️ – Joel
Brewery: Temperance
From: Evanston, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Might Meets Right Imperial Stout

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