The Garden & Drop Project - New England Pale Ale #08

I don’t even know why I have this, but I think I got it from the homey Samu at Mono here in Seville when I asked him to just grab me a handful of cans. I’m not one to buy pale ales – especially hazy ones – because they always just taste like watery IPAs to me. Maybe Samu knows something I don’t, because this Croatian and English collab from The Garden and Drop Project is delicious AF. They called it an “Antipodean” pale ale, and I had to look up that word, because I am educated but not THAT educated. Turns out it means ‘related to Australia or New Zealand,’ so I guess that’s what the hops are. I know, I know. You’re blown away by my intricate knowledge of stuff and things. In this case, it’s Vic Secret and Enigma hops, and it’s fresh ‘n fruity but not too fruity nor floral flavors are fantastically faressing my fongue. Alas alas alas, I want a triple 10% version. I think we should collab, Drop Project and The Garden guys! Because I’m so knowledgeable. As you can see. 🤓🤔😐🍻 – Ryan
Brewery: The Garden & Drop Project
From: Zagreb 🇭🇷 & London 🇬🇧
Beer: New England Pale Ale #08
ABV: 5.2%

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