The Maplewood 38 - Des Plaines, Illinois

Because my friends, Kristen and Nick, are crazy masochists, they decided to collect THIRTY-EIGHT unique Maplewood beers for an epic patio showdown that could and should and would only end in a drunken disaster. I think they’ve been collecting these for 6 or 9 months or something totally unacceptable. But, because Ang and I are Ang and me, challenge accepted! Also, their friends, Leslie and Chris, joined us, because 6 is better than 4 when you’re trying to bang back 608 oz. of beer in one evening.

We got to it, though! And drank. And drank. And drank. And, one thing I will say is that I even liked the sours, which I usually protest and avoid. And, of course I liked all the beers. It’s ducking Maplewood. I was actually somewhat surprised that none of them were funky or bad after all this time. And, I got riiiiiipped. And, we only finished 27 of the 38. Not because we suck (but, we mostly suck). It’s because we decided to blame Chris for bowing out once we got past the lagers, therefore forcing us all to drink more. Also, I may have drunk an IPA and a Smooj before we started. Because I’m SMORT. Fucking love you, Maplewood. 😘 – Ryan
Brewery: Maplewood
From: Chicago, IL 🇺🇸

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