The Salty Dog Cafe - Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

I sweatily traipsed my way through every tap while belly up at Salty Dog in Hilton Head 😓 and while I wasn’t keen on their IPA drops, the wheat bebe with the lemon gave me life. 🍋 This place is all humidity and moisture, and it transforms your normal tastebuds into liking things you have never liked. 💦 Also, shouts out to the people working at Salty Dog, not one bad experience in any of the five or twelve times we ate or drank there. These people are fucking fantastic humans, and you can’t help but tip twice the bill amount because you want that shit to continue. 💵 – Joel
Brewery: The Salty Dog Cafe
From: Hilton Head Island, SC 🇺🇸

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