Valaisanne - Pale Ale

If I pasted the Schwiizerdütsch version of this beer description here, your head would very likely explode. The only reason mine is not is because I love the way the language sounds. Can’t tell if I’m a masochist or not. Anyway, this pale ale is hit up with Bravo hops, and even though I’m sure I’ve had them many times, I can’t ever distinctly remember imbibing said hop. Well, I really dig what they did with it here, as this brew-ha-ha gave me a wonderful mix of maltiness and hoppiness. It wasn’t amazeballs, but it was good enough to multi-smash and slightly surprising given I never saw a store that did NOT sell their beer. – @jetsliketaxis
Brewery: @valaisanne1865
From: Sion 🇨🇭
Beer: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.2%
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