Werk Force Brewing Co. - Plainfield, Illinois

Dear Werk Force,

I know all your beers are super balls. But I’m kinda partial to your lagerbabies because they taste like if sex was something I could drink that satisfied my thirst but also allowed me orgasms in my mouth.

I’m not editing what I just typed.

This Werktoberfest is only slightly less sex than the Blues Of Mexicali. And the Werktoberfest is sex AF.

Hot. Fuck. Sex. Always.

– Joel
Brewery: Werk Force
From: Plainfield, IL 🇺🇸
Beer 1: Werktoberfest Märzen / 5.8%
Beer 2: Blues Of Mexicali Lager / 5.3%

Werk Force Brewing Co. - Plainfield, Illinois

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