Werk Force - Double Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sleepy Bear Imperial Stout

Ahoy hoy. Sleepy Bear stout party round deux, and it’s a DOUBLE BARREL bebe, and things are getting weird. The booze is blatantly more intimidating, and rather than sucking this down as fast as the first Bear that is Sleepy, I’ve been beaten into pubmission and I’m sipping slowly and ever so slightly to keep my eyes open and my pants above my ankles. I’ve been having full-on conversations with my puppers, and she seems partially afraid of who I have become in just a few short hours. I can get through this. Pray for me. Thankfully, the Bear, she is lish upon the thwallow. (Yes. Swallow.) HOLY BOOZE M’LAWD! – Joel
Brewery: Werk Force
From: Plainfield, IL 🇺🇸
Beer: Double Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sleepy Bear Imperial Stout
ABV: 12%

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