West Sixth - 2016 Snakes In A Barrel BBA Imperial Stout

West Sixth - 2016 Snakes In A Barrel BBA Imperial Stout

This was a gift from my friend, Ashley. It was enjoyed during an American football game where the home team that I used to be a pretty hardcore fan of, when I enjoyed watching the game, performed something called a “double doink.” As my second time watching football in a number of years, I enjoyed unbiased laughter at such an enjoyable display of shit luck. Reminds me of how I imagine I look when I lay down on a blanket, and then try and get the blanket out from under me.

All of that being said, this beer is hugely incredible, and about two sips in I realized it was from 2016, and a single tear, for this stout I’ve wanted to try for a whiiiiiile, appeared and then evaporated in my left eye. This is something I would stand in line for. Pantsless if need be. I’ve done it before. ASHLEY, DUDE, I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU AGAIN. – Joel
Brewery: West Sixth
From: Lexington, KY 🇺🇸
Beer: 2016 Snakes In A Barrel Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
ABV: 13%

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