Westbound & Down - Strata Passenger IPA

Had the guy at the beer store correctly told me that this brewery is in an old mining town west of Denver and not “somewhere in an old mining town way up north,” I may have made a stop there to rob them. I mean, hug them. Strata has been my go-to cheat ever since my lovers at BrewHeart dropped an absolute heater on me last summer. And, while Strata Passenger might not match the greatness I found from those brilliant German minds, it gets damn well close enough to keep my Strata-hungry tastebuds happy. It also makes me want to try the entire lineup from Westbound & Down, because they most certainly know WTF they’re doing and will hopefully eventually be doing me (with their beer). Also, they’re opening a taproom in Lafayette, CO, soon, so heads the hells ups. – Ryan
Brewery: Westbound & Down
From: Idaho Springs, CO 🇺🇸
Beer: Strata Passenger IPA
ABV: 7.2%

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